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Socially Interactive 
Play Sessions

We currently offer one on one Socially Interactive Play Sessions (SIPS), which focus on building relationships and developing skills such as socialization and life skills to children on the Autism Spectrum. Through a play based, child-centered approach, our Educators create opportunities for children to grow in areas such as their interactive attention span, verbal communication, eye contact & non-verbal communication, and social flexibility. We believe that by focusing on these foundational areas of socialization, other valuable life skills may become possible over time. Your child’s opportunity to learn and develop can continue outside of the CCLC, as many of these strategies can be implemented into their home and everyday lives.

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The Sensory Gym

The Sensory Gym has been specially designed for children on the autism spectrum. It is filled with equipment necessary to provide therapy such as mini climbing walls, a zipline, monkey bars, therapy swings, as well as bouncing and jumping equipment. It also includes activities that are less stimulating such as oversized building blocks and a quiet play area.

We at CCLC would love to hear your story and use our facility to create a space where you can feel support from us, and other families as we walk alongside each other on this journey.

We are continuing to develop our services to meet the needs of our clients. Sharing our own story, resources and information that we have come across throughout our journey can help raise awareness and support to children and families who are affected by ASD.