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Welcome to Clover
Creek Learning Centre

A place where children on the Autism Spectrum are supported, understood and set up for success

Clover Creek Learning Centre is a not for profit organization located in Winkler, Manitoba.

CCLC offers Social Interactive Play Sessions which focus on building relationships and developing skills such as socialization and life skills with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Socially Interactive Play Sessions

We currently offer one on one Socially Interactive Play Sessions (SIPS), which focus on building relationships and developing skills such as socialization and life skills to children on the Autism Spectrum.

Words From Our Community

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Isaac Lisa Martens
February 23, 2024

Our boys absolutely love Clover Creek! What an amazing resource to have in the area. There’s nothing like the experience offered here for kids on the spectrum. God bless you for all you do!

Justin + Erin Thiessen
August 18, 2022

Clover Creek Learning Centre has been an amazing addition and much needed facility for our community. My daughter looks forward to going every week! Nolan & staff have been doing a great job personalizing sessions to help our daughter continue to develop her social skills in a fun and engaging way.


  • How do I know if CCLC is a good option for my child?

    The staff at CCLC understand that the Autism spectrum is very broad and that abilities and behaviour can vary greatly from one client to the next. This is why instead of expecting a client to fit a certain mould, we adapt and modify our Social Interactive Play Sessions to meet the client where they are at in terms of their abilities and behaviour. From here we create a plan with the parents/guardians and take steps in trying to help our clients develop in these areas.

  • Does Clover Creek Learning Centre focus on a specific age range?

    The staff at CCLC currently work with children from age Pre-K to grade 8.

  • Will I be contacted immediately if my child needs me?

    Parents/guardians will be contacted only in emergency situations. The staff at CCLC try to be best prepared for situations that may arise during a client’s time at CCLC.

  • Are there resources for parents/guardians?

    Yes! Educators at CCLC design Social Interactive Play Sessions to help support their client’s life both at home and at school. Having parents/guardians involved and providing resources to their loved ones is beneficial in helping our clients continue to develop skills in their everyday lives.

    We recognize that Autism spectrum disorder affects families and each family member in many different ways. We will be offering parent support group meetings as well as a variety of sibling supports that can be modified to meet different ages.

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